Our entire business depends upon the sustainability of forests. We will continue to lead the world in responsible forest stewardship to ensure healthy and productive forest ecosystems for generations to come. We tackle the toughest issues in our value chain, reduce our environmental footprint and promote the long-term sustainability of natural capital.



Looking up at trees in a forest

"We will continue to improve our impact and promote the long-term sustainability of both natural capital and our business. Looking ahead, I am confident our long-term strategy will continue to create value for our employees, customers, communities, shareowners, and our planet."

Mark Sutton
Chairman and CEO

We set 12 voluntary goals with a 2010 baseline aimed at improving our impact on people and the planet. In the last five years we have made significant progress toward our Vision 2020 Goals: we've reduced greenhouse gas emissions and waste to landfills, worked toward improving water quality and energy efficiency, and increased transparency in our supply chain. These projects not only improve our global environmental impact, but also help us reduce cost and mitigate risk.